About Us

Modish is an organization dealing in number of consumer and industrial items across different industries. It Sells high-end luxury items through its online platform Modish Ombre and sells items on demand to multiple business and government clients.

The aim is to reduce the cost and
hassles involved in searching for
consumer and industrial products
under one roof.

has acquired a major part
of luxury gifting market in Indian
within a short span of time.

From 2017

In the business dealing in products globally.

We propose to establish a
centralized hub to bring you the best
quality products on your demand.
Our merchandise team moves corner
to corner to get refined products for
all your Needs.

Servicing in

🩺 Healthcare.
🚗 Automotive.
🏡 Home Décor.
🚁 Aviation.

Catering to the everchanging
demand of clients – giving them our
most premium quality products.

Why Us?

Daily Website Users
Items Dealing Across Different Industries.

We promise to deliver high quality products
to our clients at minimum costs. We have
proven track record of servicing the needs of
our business customer from major business
hubs of Asia including China, Hong Kong,
Singapore, Taiwan, Dubai and Turkey. We are
currently dealing in more than 500 items and
our experience allows us to add more items
to our portfolio. We Have 4+ year experience
of selling items online as we are daily
satisfying the needs of our retail customers
through own online platform, Modish
Ombre and selling on other e-commerce
platform including Amazon, Flipkart and
Shop clues as well.

What Can We Do?

1. Procurement

Providing unique and innovative products in bulk

from across the world as per your demand.

2. Business partner

Setting up business units (manufacturing or

trading) and any others alliances together.

3. E-commerce

Selling your quality products on our platform

and on other e-commerce platforms.


Our Specialisation

🏡- Home Décor

⚡- Electronics

🩺- Healthcare Equipment’s

🛠- Hardware

📳- Mobile and Car Accessories


Our Clients