ModishOmbre Stylish FIGHTER JET DESIGN working on Solar Power with 360 Degree Rotation for Car Dashboard Air Freshener Perfume, with Organic Fragrance


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  • The car air freshener consists of the concentration and extraction of natural flower and fruit tree raw materials. The fragrance is mild and contains no industrial alcohols and artificial flavors have a long-lasting fragrance, safe for children and pregnant women. One piece of scented fragrance can last for about 30 days, and you can replace your favorite scented fragrance pills after using the perfume for the car.
  • You are using the solar power of the car freshener to drive the intelligent rotating purifier, solar car accessories, or aroma handling of car perfume for the dashboard. The interior decoration of the car accessory is made of lightweight luxury alloy, the size is small and elegant. It will not block your vision in the car and can be used as a car interior. This car fragrance can be used not only in your vehicle but also in your bathroom, bedroom, office, etc.
  • The design is simple and easy to use, antiskid fixed soft adhesive can be fixed everywhere, leaves no traces, and won’t scratch your car.
  • Using solar power to drive an intelligent rotating purifier, as long as there is sunshine, can be automatically rotated to accelerate the spread of aroma without manual operation. No need to charge, save energy and protect the environment.
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